Nail Art: Princess Graded French


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Though I haven’t managed to check in as often as I would have liked, it doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to do my nails once or twice ;)

I still have so many of my OPI Mini sets to try out and also the Minipla Mini-Haul had some interesting combinations. The first one I tried out was the “Princess Graded French” Set from Miniplas Pink Collection. The set consists of three different nail polishes that you can use on their own or in the way suggested on the backside to create the Princess Graded French Design.

I opted for the suggested design and followed the instructions. The light, glittery apricot color is the base coat that goes on the whole nail. The darker pink goes on the tip and the glitter goes on top of both to mend them together.

The base color is really light and transparent and I was skeptical that it would have a great effect in the end. The pink color was very nice, just opaque enough, with a smooth finish, which made it easy to be applied only on the tip. The glitter had to be applied before the pink one was completely dry, but maybe I waited too long, because it was very thick and rather then blending the two polishes together at a close up look you can really see that it is just stuck on top.

Of course usually no one looks that close at it, and light reflecting glitter made it look quite decent. All in all I liked the set and suggested design, though I would have wished for a smoother outcome. I’ll try them each out on their own again and I think that the glitter over the whole nail, with the apricot as base might get a really nice result.

Mini Haul: Minipla Happy Set


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It’s been some time since I posted, even though I were so determined I would keep up a regular posting schedule. Well, the important thing would be to set a schedule and have back-up posts ready and I am planning to get working on those over the next weeks. As I am posting in English and German, and not only here but for two other blogs, there are quite some posts that I need to write to get anywhere near a “safe” amount of backup posts.

The reason why I was too busy writing blog posts is, that I am currently trying to get my freelance career on the way. It will take some time until I got everything settled (and there is still so much more to learn) but I do love writing and I am sure that I can take my experience from the last years and turn it into a full-time job.

But let’s get on with the real topic of this post, my absolutely awesome Mini Haul from a Minipla store two weeks ago. I had some time to spare before taking the subway and were browsing through the store when I found the “Nail Care Summer Happy Special Set”. Packed with nail polish, nail stickers and hand cream, I just couldn’t say no. And the best part was the price!

I paid 1080 Yen, about $8,70, nearly the same I paid a few days before for a single nail polish. Of course drugstore nail polishes are not always the best quality, but so far I am quite pleased with the results. I’ll definitely keep a lookout for more set sales!

Mini Haul: Celule Shimokitazawa


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Last week on Sunday I was coming from an appointment and the weather was so great that I decided to get off the train in Shimokitazawa to take a stroll through the colorful streets full of second-hand clothing stores and generally a lot to see for Beauty and Fashion Fans. The atmosphere there is so relaxed and it’s fun to have a look at quirky storefronts.


I discovered a little cosmetic outlet store in a side road and couldn’t resist to buy a little something. I love browsing through cosmetic stores in Japan because I will always find things you haven’t seen before. Like those Masks, that are not for your entire face but only for your lips. Since I have seen them in a lot of stores and they seem to be quite popular. I have yet to try them out, but I’ll let you know how it goes ;)

Another lucky find were the nail stickers, as they are usually quite expensive. I’m curious how they will look on my nails. I think I don’t need to say anything to the soap; I mean heart-shaped, pink, cherry smell? Bought!


© Sakura_Fujiko

Nail Art: Sorry I’m Fizzy Today


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The rainy season is in full effect here and the grey sky is not a promoter of happy thoughts. Combined with the icky stickiness caused by the high humidity really got to me the last days. I do love the sound of rain, usually, but after hearing it for days straight, night and day, gives me headaches.

So I desperately needed some happy colors to lighten the mood and chose the “Sorry i’m Fizzy Today” nail polish from the Coca Cola x OPI set for today’s Nail Art. I’m pretty much a fan of everything pink and this shade is really lovely. The polish applies very nicely but next time I might put on another layer to really get a smooth finish.

As accent on my index finger I gave it a topping layer with the “Happy Anniversary!” polish from the OPI Glamour Party Mini Collection. It’s very sparkly and has just the right coverage to be worn individually or over another polish.

What do you think of today’s color?

Nail Art 03-07-15

© Sakura_Fujiko

I got nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award!


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I was surprised with a nomination for the Beauty Blogger Award from the lovely Rei and I strongly recommend to check out her blog (^_^)


So what is this Beauty Blogger Award all about? First, let’s have a look at the rules for the award

  1. State the name of the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions asked by the person that nominated you.
  3. List 10 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers whose blogs are about fashion or beauty.
  5. The people who you nominate have to have under 200 followers.
  6. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

So the first three tasks are easy-peasy. Of course I already left a link to Rei’s blog and answering some questions can’t be so hard, right (maybe I should read them first though…). Number 4 is in itself not that hard, either, because there are so many beautiful and awesome bloggers out there.

What really gets me is the fact that the nominees can’t have more than 200 followers. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to know? When I read a blog that I really like, I automatically assume that everyone is already reading it as well. It’s not like the follower count is usually displayed on the top of the page. So when I got a Liebster Award and nominated some of my favorite blogs the majority was nice enough to not be pissed when they graciously pointed out that they had passed the 200 follower mark quite some time ago… (*awkward*)

So I hope that the following will not disqualify me from accepting the award:
I decided to answer the questions, state some facts about myself, but NOT actually nominate someone right away. Instead I’d like to take this chance and give you the opportunity to join in.
Do you have under 200 followers and therefore qualify for the Beauty Blogger Award? Then go ahead and drop me a line and I will link you here and nominate you :)

Okay, so let’s start with the questions:

  1. When did you start to love beauty and skin care?
    I had quite bad skin when I was a teenager and I tried even back then to find something that works for me, but I think I only really got into the whole Beauty and Skin Care Regimen when I was in university.
  2. Which product will you recommend others to try?
    The Green Tea Bubble Foam Cleanser von Skinfood. I’m just absolutely in love with this product. It’s not only so soft on your skin that you’re tempted to keep massaging your face until everything is gone, but it also leaves your skin absolutely smooth, and most importantly not dry, afterwards.
  3. Splurge on beauty or fashion?
    Beauty – hands down. I love Fashion and accessoires, but it’s so much harder when you don’t have a fashion magazine figure. Beauty doesn’t require you to have a bikini ready body first ;)
  4. Where usually your go to store to purchase your make up?
    I like to search through online shops while sitting comfortable on the sofa (possibly with a face mask), but generally I like to see, touch and feel make-up and beauty products before I buy them. i like large department stores to window shop, but I usually buy at smaller brand stores or drugstores.
  5. Summer vs winter?
    Winter! Though I don’t like it when its freezing cold, I am just so much more comfortable in the cold than I am in the heat.
  6. Which cosmetic ingredients you always try to avoid?
    Hmm, I don’t think I have a special ingredient I absolutely abhor, though I do try to buy cosmetics with natural ingredients to not burden my skin with too much chemicals.
  7. What is your favourite skin care brand?
    At the moment I’d say Skinfood. So far I liked every product I tried and they seem to be perfect for my skin.
  8. When was the happiest moment of your life?
    That’s actually not as easy as I thought. I think being happy in your life is not one moment, but the combination of many little moments. Like my wedding, holding my nephew for the first time, meeting my friends again after a long time, Saturday Morning Breakfast with my family, standing on the dunes looking over the ocean… and so much more (^_^)
  9. Which beauty item represents your personality?
    This is a tough one… and the answer is probably even stranger… I think I might be Body Lotion. Why? Because for many people applying body lotion is easily forgotten…
    No, just kidding ^^ I think body lotion is a very down to earth beauty product that is nonetheless essential. I’m often quiet and am working in the background to support my friends and family and I think the body lotion is quite like that. Not a glamorous trendy new face cream secret that is talked about on every blog, but the staple beauty essential you always come back to.
    (Very philosophical… ^^”)
  10. What are your secret beauty tips?
    I think something that is required in every beauty routine is relaxing. Your skin won’t be happy if you sleep 4 hours a night and are stressed the rest of the day, no matter how good your skin care is. So I recommend time for yourself. Maybe accompanied by a large cup of tea?

And now for the random facts about me:

  1. I cut my hair from long to very short when I was 16 (an grew it out again with 23)
  2. I love the ocean but not necessarily the beach
  3. Most nights in my teenage years were spend with a flashlight and a good book under my blanket
  4. I admire women who can get up a few hours early to look absolutely perfect in the morning
  5. If I could I would wear exuberant princess ballgowns every day
  6. I don’t like the taste of coffee but absolutely love the smell
  7. I haven’t stuck to any beauty routine for more than two months before my current one
  8. I really want to try a korean spa and possibly spend there about half a year until i’m all skinny and pretty (lol)
  9. During my work for a fashion retailer I wore the same (boring) outfits every week on rotation and dressed up only on the weekends
  10. I dislike most shoe retailers (might have something to do with my enormous feet…)

And finally, here are the ten questions I would have you answer, if you should decide to take part in this Award.

  1. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
  2. The one Beauty Product that accompanies you on every trip?
  3. FlipFlops or Gladiators?
  4. Which Beauty Product do you have a love/hate relationship with?
  5. What is your biggest goal in life?
  6. Beauty Big Brand or Generic?
  7. What is the worst part about being a Beauty Blogger?
  8. What is the best?
  9. If you could freely choose, where would you want to live?
  10. What was the most (socially) awkward moment of your life?

Outfit Inspirations: Nude, Gold and utterly elegant


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There is something about a nude color palette combined with white and gold. The Gold and White Combination always looks so elegant and sophisticated, but trough in a few nude/brown tones and it’s the whole package. If I had the figure for wearing the gorgeous Dress I’d be all over it (well, and if I had the money to spare that is).

What do you think?

Outfit Inspiration White Gold Nude

Terani Couture beaded top & organza two-piece ballgown
Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
YSL Monogramme Clutch
Swarovski Angelic Pierced Earrings
Astley Clarke Rock N Roll Nugget Bracelet
Satin Bow Pumps from Kate Spade

Coca Cola x OPI Travel Exclusive Swatches


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Today I just want to take a little time to have a closer Look at the Travel Exclusive Set from the Coca Cola and OPI Cooperation.

OPI x Coca Cola Set

© Sakura_Fujiko

The set contains six different colors (from left to right):
You’re So Vain-illa
Turn on the Haute Light (Part of last weeks Nail Art)
Sorry I’m Fizzy Today
Coca-Cola Red
Get Cherried Away
Today I Accomplished Zero

Because I love to browse through the store either way I went to Daiso and got me some plastic nails. You can apply these with tape or nail glue after you painted them, but I just wanted to have an easier way to show you some swatches.

OPI x Coca Cola Set

© Sakura_Fujiko

OPI x Coca Cola Set

© Sakura_Fujiko

The colors come out very nice and opaque for the most part, even with a thin to normal layer. I think this set might be my favorite out of the three I bought, because it has beautiful pink, red and purple colors, as well as some glam.

The nail polish I am a bit disappointed about is the “Today I Accomplished Zero”. Title wise it would be perfect for some days, but it was not easy to apply and it looks quite uneven on the nail because the black is so thin. It might be okay if applied onto another nail polish, though I’m not sure which color I’d combine it with. Maybe the red might be a good match, though it would be a pity to cover up this lovely color.

Did you find a favorite among these colors?

Until the next time,

Yours truly,

Follow Me on Social Media


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I said I wanted to get serious with my blogging, although that doesn’t mean I will be posting everyday multiple times (that would be a bit too much in the beginning). So I spend the last days reading through a myriad of blogs, blogging programs, affiliate programs, blogging tips, etc. to get the setup right.

I already have accounts on nearly every Social Media you can think of (though I don’t make any movies… yet) but they are mainly personal ones, which means they are a mixtures everything from Private Live to Japan, Beauty and generally random stuff. So I decided to separate them and make new accounts for Ci+(ribi)²

Not that I have a great following on my other accounts but it is a little sad to see them with exactly 0 Followers. So if you would like, why not follow me on Facebook and Instagram and always keep up to date with everything I post. Or have a look at my boards on Pinterst?
I’d really appreciate if you would check it out and maybe even click the “Follow” Button

Thank you so much!

That'd be great

Let’s Talk About Bras: Part 1


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Ladies, everyone out there needs to know their Bra Size and how to find the perfect one. Eleni has some pointers for you and I am looking forward to the second part.

Originally posted on My Classy Curves:

Bonjour all!!

Today’s post is going to be focused on something us ladies have a love/hate relationship with. It takes forever to find one that fits properly and flatters but the feeling when you find one that does all the right things just skyrockets your confidence! It is the foundation of any great wardrobe. That’s right ladies, I’m talking about bras! Since working with Addition Elle and basically selling bra’s every shift, I have gained a new found love, appreciation and slight obsession with the Déesse collection AE carries. I am almost busting at the seams with bra tricks, tidbits and info that i feel like I should share it with you, seeing as though by AE, I am deemed a Bra Expert. And you know what I am pretty darn good!! As part of my bra training I had to learn the anatomy of a bra, how to tell…

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