Lifelong SaGa Frontier fan makes real-life princess outfit that’s a true labour of love【Photos】


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This is an absolutely stunning piece of work. So beautiful!

Originally posted on RocketNews24:


Late-nineties roleplaying game SaGa Frontier may have had mixed reviews in North America, where critics slammed its non-linear gameplay as lacking in focus, but the game was a huge success in Japan.

And 17 years on from the game’s original release, one Japanese fan has finally achieved her lifelong dream of recreating the dress of Princess White Rose (aka Shirobara Hime), and she’s got the pictures to prove it!

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Addition to my Bag Collection


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While sorting through everything and tossing more than I keep during the struggle to clean out our apartment I once again realised that I do have quite a lot of bags. Some of them I use often, some on special occasions, others I am still attached to emotionally but know that I don’t reall get to use them. So I decided to give some of them to my sisters and even toss one or two.

Having successfully thinned down my bag selection there was but one thing to do: Buy a new one! … Well, okay, not really the first thing that comes to mind after cleaning out the shelf, but I noticed that I don’t have a nice (and good quality) Crossbody Bag. Most of my bags are quite big because I always carry so much stuff around with me and the special occasion ones are in their nature small and not exactly “everyday” material.

It wasn’t really an impulse buy because I had my eye on a MAC (or M.A.C. – short for Morning After Bag) for some time now and I immediately fell in love with the “Peachy” color when I first saw it. Back then I couldn’t decide and the opportunity passed so when I saw it again I immediately snatched it.

So what do you guys think?

MAC Peachy


All About Ribbons (Five Favorites)


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First seen on Sumikai

Ribbons are symbol of cuteness and also have a bit of nostalgia about them. Which little girl didn’t have ribbons in her hair when she was younger? In our childhood having ribbons in our hair made us feel instantly beautiful and more grown up. To our parents the ribbons in our hair made us even cuter and had a sense of innocence about them.

As adults we mix those two feelings and ribbons now have a cute and maybe a little naive touch, but at the same time they have become something beautiful and – yes – even a little sexy.

Here are five accessoires that embody the ribbon spirit (so to say) and I want all of them!

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All About Ribbons Line-up:
Back Ribbon Pearls von INGNI
Big Ribbon Katjuscha von Snidel
Ribbon Hair Gomu von Snidel
Ribbon Pearl Pierce Velvet Wine von phoebe
Ribbon Pearl Ring von BORNY

ANIMATED gifs colorize vintage b&w photos


I love Vintage Fashion and this colorized picture ist absolutely great. Look at the poise of the pictured women. Absolutely fashion.

Originally posted on ozonedesign lifestyle:

Photographs are a link to the past, and with advances in technology, we’re able to colorize what was once only in black and white. The Dutch website NSMBL recently shared a collection of images that show the “before” and “after” of digital colorization. source :


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My dream shoes!


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Oh my god you guys, do you know Shoe Bakery? They have the most awesome, absolutely perfect shoes (*o*)

And even though they unfortunately only go up to a US size 10 (an european size 40) they do make custom orders for your size. So all that is to do now is to either find a sponsor, convince my husband that I really really need those or (most likely) start a savings fund for my future Shoe Bakery Collection.

Because of course those – oh so cute – Ice Cream Heels are not the only shoes that are worth saving for, I got a whole list already (^_^;)

Here are some more of the Ice Cream and Cake Collection

Do check out their Pinterest and their Instagram!

What do you think? Would you wear your dessert on your feet? ;)

Christian Louboutin launches his nail polish line


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If I can’t have a pair of those gorgeous heels (damn you big feet) than at least let me have some nailpolish (*o*)

Originally posted on the CITIZENS of FASHION:

Christian Louboutin, the master of the red sole shoes is launching his line of nail polish.

Christian Louboutin launches his nail polish lineRed Louboutin nail polish exclusively at Saks 5th Avenue

For those who don’t know , it is thanks tothe redlacquer,thatincidentally the iconic red sole of Louboutin shoes appeared. 

According to the legend, in 1992, Christian Louboutin, while preparing his third collection, realized that his shoes didn’t turned out as bright and interesting as they looked in the sketches. He was particularly upset by the sole. Then the designer took a bottle of red nail polish from an assistant and, ignoring her attempts to resist, transformed the shoes on the spot. And just like this thanks to a nail polish was born the famous red sole of Christian Louboutin.

It is therefore not surprising that the designer decided to be a nail polish, the product that marks his debut in the world of the beauty industry. Little bottles with sharp…

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