My dream shoes!


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Oh my god you guys, do you know Shoe Bakery? They have the most awesome, absolutely perfect shoes (*o*)

And even though they unfortunately only go up to a US size 10 (an european size 40) they do make custom orders for your size. So all that is to do now is to either find a sponsor, convince my husband that I really really need those or (most likely) start a savings fund for my future Shoe Bakery Collection.

Because of course those – oh so cute – Ice Cream Heels are not the only shoes that are worth saving for, I got a whole list already (^_^;)

Here are some more of the Ice Cream and Cake Collection

Do check out their Pinterest and their Instagram!

What do you think? Would you wear your dessert on your feet? ;)

Christian Louboutin launches his nail polish line


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If I can’t have a pair of those gorgeous heels (damn you big feet) than at least let me have some nailpolish (*o*)

Originally posted on the CITIZENS of FASHION:

Christian Louboutin, the master of the red sole shoes is launching his line of nail polish.

For those who don’t know , it is thanks tothe redlacquer,thatincidentally the iconic red sole of Louboutin shoes appeared. 

According to the legend, in 1992, Christian Louboutin, while preparing his third collection, realized that his shoes didn’t turned out as bright and interesting as they looked in the sketches. He was particularly upset by the sole. Then the designer took a bottle of red nail polish from an assistant and, ignoring her attempts to resist, transformed the shoes on the spot. And just like this thanks to a nail polish was born the famous red sole of Christian Louboutin.

It is therefore not surprising that the designer decided to be a nail polish, the product that marks his debut in the world of the beauty industry. Little bottles with…

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I was nominated for a liebster award \(^_^)/


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I came back from a small work induced hiatus only to find that I had been nominated for a liebster award by the lovely isabel8x ! (Thanks again, it made my day :) )

If you haven’t already check out her blog (I loved the 1930 make up post) and get to know her. Because this is what the liebster award is all about: Get to know your fellow bloggers (^_^) Therefore I am just too happy to accept the award and try my best to answer all the questions and pass it on to the next group of lovely people. Continue reading


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